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– The Cuistot du Marchand –

Food services

Leader in the manufacture and preparation of home-style food products in grocery stores.

Our mission

Customer satisfaction and that of our team is our priority. Our professionalism is our strength. Not only are we leaders in the home-style food service in grocery stores, but thanks to our structure, transparency, and social benefits we can affirm that we are a top choice company for our employees.

Our services

The Cuistot du Marchand is a company which aims to manufacture home-style food products such as pies, pasta, quiches, cooked meals, salads, dips, dressings, cakes, and all other ready-to-eat meals prepared and sold in grocery stores. We offer our services to large food chains such as IGA, Metro, and others.

With regards to

The Cuistot du Marchand is a family business that was founded by Mr. Guy Pilon in 1997. To date, we have more than 102 clients and 170 employees and are proud to say that we are a team whose three key values are our fairness, transparency, and honesty.

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